Best Penny Bid Places

Which is the Best Bidding Site? Comparing Penny Bid Places

 Best Bid Sites ImageAre you trying to decide which is the best bidding site? Have you tried to compare penny auction sites but been confounded by the different rules and parameters? The following analysis is backed by actual numbers collected by the folks at pennyauctionsites dot com. We’ve broken the information down into categories and declared the winners and losers so you can determine which site is the best for you.

We’ve included information on Beezid, BidFun, BidHere, Bidcactus, Bidoction, Bidrodeo, Bids4cheap, Bigdeal, DealBid, and DimeDivas.

Comparison of Bidding Sites by Numbers of Auctions Won

Wondering which site is offering the most items for auction? This set of statistics showed Bidcatus as the best bidding site, with over 40,000 auctions won in the same time span that Dime Divas had 68 auctions won. Who came in second place? Bigdeal had almost 9,000 auctions won, and Bidfun and BidHere tied for second place with numbers of auctions won in the 3,000-range.

Comparison of Bidding Sites by Numbers of Unique Winners

If you’re wondering if the same people are winning all the auctions, you’ll be happy to see they’re not. However, once you get the hang of how penny auction sites work, you’ll win more often since there is indeed a strategy behind winning items on bidding sites. This set of statistics shows Beezid as the best bidding site for unique wins, with over 4,000 unique winners. The worst bidding site for unique wins? The straight numbers will declare Dime Divas as the loser, with approximately 20 unique winners.

However, if you go off percentages instead of straight numbers, you’ll see that approximately one-third of the auctions on DimeDivas were won by unique bidders, whereas only one-eighth of the auctions won on Bids4cheap were won by unique bidders. Looking for your best bet percentage-wise? The win still goes to Beezid, where just under 50% of the wins were won by unique bidders. However, BidHere came in awfully close behind, with approximately 40% of wins going to unique bidders.

Comparison of Bidding Sites by Average Savings

Now here’s the number most of us are really interested in: how much people saved on items won (when compared to average retail prices). Beezid, Bidcatcus, and BidHere all came in close with savings in the ninetieth percentiles. The loser in this category? BidFun, with an average saving of just over 50%.

Comparison of Bidding Sites by Average Bids Needed to Win an Item

Of course you know the saying time is money, so it’s important to compare how many bids were required to win an average item on these sites. If you spend seven hours bidding on an item but only save $15, you may wonder if it would have been better use of your time to babysit your neighbor’s kids for a couple hours.

DimeDivas came in first in this category with an average of about 65 bids required to win an item. Bidrodeo came in last place, with over 165 bids needed. (It’s important to note that there was no data recorded in this category for most of the sites listed in this article, so it was impossible to compare all the sites fairly.)

Bidding Sites Conclusions

While these numbers change every day (and will continue to change as this niche grows and evolves), you’ll find such raw numbers to be helpful as you evaluate which site to use. In general, newer sites will have few items up for auction and less competition. Older sites will have more items up for auction, but you’ll also need to slog through more competition for a longer period of time. In the end, you’ll want to try different bidding sites to discover which one you like the best.

Kitchen Aid Mixer sold for $7.79; iPad Mini 64 GB sold for $33.16; Apple TV sold for $2.97; Canon Rebel DSRL with 18-55 zoom lens sold for $63.45